Façonnable Parfums

In 1950, Jean Goldberg, born into a family of master tailors, opened a workshop-boutique on rue Paradis in Nice, the birthplace of the brand.
Heir to the tradition and savoir-faire of the great craftsmen of Eastern Europe, he very quickly became a key player of the French Riviera.
As the ultimate sign of recognition of his art, great international stars of the time such as Cary Grant or Tony Curtis wore his creations, helping the brand develop its notoriety across France.

When Albert Goldberg took over his father’s boutique in 1961 he renamed it “Façonnable”, an inventive combination of the word “fashionable” and the very French verb “façonner” (to fashion).
He designed a new line for his contemporaries, reflecting the spirit of the times and the essence of the French Riviera: chic sportswear with a “lifestyle à la française” feel.
Over the years, thanks to perfect cuts, attention to detail, high-quality materials and a strong sense of elegance, the brand became a menswear market leader and an ambassador of the French Riviera across the pond.

The late 1980’s marked the diversification of Façonnable with the launch of an eyewear collection in line with the brand’s style.

Building on its success, the brand kept moving forward and set itself a new challenge with the launch in 1994 of its very first fragrance, the Façonnable Eau de Toilette for Man, a scent embodying the elegance of a timeless, classic yet modern style.

In early 2017, Lorience Paris signed the worldwide licence for the new Façonnable Fragrances Line. With the passionate aim to perpetuate the brand’s legacy, Lorience set its heart on becoming the representative of the French art of living, by creating fragrances that combine perfumery tradition with authentic French Riviera style.

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