A word from the CEO

Robin Schlang is an intrepid entrepreneur. In 1995, he was the owner of 50 ready-to-wear fashion stores that he sold in 2004 to go on and create Lorience Paris, of which he is CEO.

La phrase du président

What is the ideal perfume for you?

On the one hand, the ideal perfume for me is one that manages to provoke an emotion, one that touches the person who discovers it right in the middle of the heart. It’s an enchanting waltz of notes leading the client, when they embrace a fragrance, to assert their personality. To me, a perfume is ideal when it creates a genuine impact and becomes the “personality mark” of the person who wears it. Moreover, the ideal perfume is also the ideal product. We should always bear in mind that our profession is one of industry, and that we are working in a very competitive sector, which obliges us to develop high-quality, distinguishable products if we want to be efficient. This is why I give great importance to the choice of essences and ingredients we use in the elaboration of our perfumes. I believe in the “product promise” and in its results.

What is your perfume expertise based upon?

My expertise in perfume is the sum of my team’s combined strength multiplied by my determination to build high-quality, dynamic perfume worlds.
From very early on I believed in expertise poles, and always surrounded myself with associates specialised in their area and with a passion for it. I therefore made a point of setting up a talented in-house design hub, and of controlling my distribution networks by keeping the management of commercial development for numerous markets. Flexibility, adaptability and reactivity are work values that I stand by, and which make Lorience Paris a company that offers licensed brands a shared adventure in implementing quick solutions in the market.


What are your ambitions and perspectives?

To consolidate our progress, our success, our foundations, and then go on building by offering those brands that wish for it the required expertise in fragrant world design.